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A picture of Lori Melliere. Lori has brown wavy shoulder-length hair, glasses, and is wearing a blue striped dress.


Hi! I'm Lori Melliere, the artist behind Papermill Creative. I was voted most likely to be an illustrator by my peers in eighth grade - and after detouring through librarianship for a decade, here we are!

Papermill Creative launched in 2018. Inspired by greats like Where's Waldo and the Busy World of Richard Scarry, I love to work in details that capture the spirit of the places that inspire me. I love architecture, nature, local history, and the curiosity and community that all those things create. Everything here is reproduced from my original, hand-drawn pen-and-ink and watercolor artwork.

Born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas, I currently live in Durham, NC with my husband, cat and dog. 

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