Send a little love to someone's mailbox with this keep-a-sticker, send-a-sticker pack!

Papermill Creative and CR2F collaborated to create this exclusive sticker pack to bring awareness to three things:

  • It's time for everyone to make their plan to vote! ðŸ—³ï¸
  • The USPS is critical infrastructure and needs some love right now ðŸ“¬
  • Sending mail is just plain fun - so we should all send a little more ðŸ’Œ


The Mail is Love pack includes:

- 2 USPS/voting-themed sticker sheets (one to keep, one to mail!)

- 2 four-inch "We're closer than we think we are" stickers (one to keep, one to mail!)

- Cute insert for you to write a little note

- Colorful stamped envelope, so all you have to do is write a note, address the envelope, and send some stickers to a friend!


$8 of every purchase is going to the National Vote at Home Institute, which is dedicated to making sure every American can vote in secure, safe, accessible, and equitable elections by expanding vote-at-home systems in all 50 states. Donation add-on options are available at purchase.

"Mail is Love" Send-a-Sticker Keep-a-Sticker Pack

Additional Donation to Natl Vote at Home Institute

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