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Whether it's the spot where you got married, your first home, or the family business, I love to paint the places that are meaningful to you.

Thank you for your interest in having a personal pen & ink and watercolor painting created for you! Whether it's a special place, a family portrait, or another project you have in mind, get in touch. I specialize in architectural work, but also love working on landscapes, florals, and more.

Details can make a painting so personal and unique, so I focus on elements that are meaningful to you: your mom's favorite flowers in the yard, the family dog on the porch, a favorite quote or inscription. Let me know what makes your house your home!

Commission openings are only announced on my newsletter. Join the fun to be notified when I have availability!

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What wild ideas do you have? I specialize in architecture, but I love to bring other visions to life. Let me know what you're thinking, and we'll see if it's a fit!

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Commission openings are announced through my newsletter.  When submitting your request, you'll tell me things like what you want to include, and whether you'd like a written inscription or additional prints, and you can share the story of the piece as well. Feel free to be creative and include lots of details about what you want me to capture!


After I receive your submission, I'll reach out by email to confirm details and your timeline, and make sure we're on the same page about everything. You will email me reference pictures to work from.

An upfront deposit of 50% will be required before I start.


When I'm finished, I'll send you a picture of your final piece, and then mail the original watercolor painting your way (as well as any prints you order)! You'll be emailed the final invoice, which you can pay online.


Original paintings are done on 100% cotton, acid-free, high weight watercolor paper with artist-grade watercolor paints.

To prevent fading of the paint and paper, do not hang your painting in the sun, and use archival-quality (acid-free) mats and backing board when you frame it. 

You are not allowed to reproduce or resell a Papermill Creative painting. If you are interested in licensing an original design, please contact me.

Pricing will depend on the complexity and detail required for your project, but final pricing is provided upfront.

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